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Jordan Nixon is a portrait photographer based in College Station, TX & New York City where she was born and raised. Her work centers the faces and stories of the marginalized and forgotten. The images reflect the collisions and potentialities of exploring nuances of identity, place/placemaking and memory. 

I was a Division 1 basketball player before dedicating myself to storytelling. I define success as leaving no stone unturned and happiness as being who I am without interruption. How do you define each of those things? And what do you need to do to get a little closer to both of them? 

My mission is to build platforms and make space for people to find the resources—be they people or things— they need to reassemble and to ultimately reclaim wholeness. I believe wholeness comes about when you connect with your inner child, and give that person what he/she/they both need. But you need space to do so. Books, questions, conversations, podcasts are spaces in the same way that rooms, buildings and environments are and we need to treat them as such. 

My hope is that you rediscover the hidden and suppressed and parts of yourself in APRBLEM and in the spaces I have created informed by lived and observed experiences at the intersection.

Written work: 

“Texas A&M Guard Jordan Nixon on the Importance of Title IX and How It’s Changed the Landscape for Women.” SLAM Magazine, 2022,


“Diary: Long live Jordan Nixon.” The Next Hoops, 2022,


“Playing in the name of Black History.” The Next Hoops, 2022,


“Texas A&M’s Jordan Nixon: ‘It’s OK that my marriage with basketball is on the rocks’. ANDSCAPE, 2022,


“Where are the deals?” The Battalion, 2 February 2022

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