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As Black women, according to the women of the project, we are aware of our status. We are the problem and have been for many folks—by no fault of our own. 


  “Now I’m APRBLEM” is an inquisitive response to those who feel it necessary to speak from their prejudice, personal biases and label us the issue. 


“Now I’m APRBLEM” is a declaration, an embrace of our status as not only Black people, but as women, a group that has been and in some places still is, treated as inferior to our male counterparts. To state it in this way would mean to repurpose a label that is meant to humble us, to push us towards the hatred of who, what, why we are and who we come from. In other words, excuse my french, but fuck all that. 


The gallery and archive, NowI'mAPRBLEM, is/was a space for the women of the project to be remembered for who they are, for who they know themselves to be, and for future generations to know where and who we come from. It was our way of saying that despite efforts to erase our cultural histories and lived experiences from memory spaces, 

We been here. 

We still here. 

And we’re not going anywhere.

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