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Our Story

I was 7 when my grandma—my favorite person in the world—passed away. 

Years later, I didn't recognize her voice when I heard it on video and there was no way to get those memories back. 


I was 22 and planning a gallery when hundreds of photos in Ziploc bags and albums helped me recover parts of the person I thought I’d lost. I didn’t hear her voice, but I could imagine it. 


During that time, I used her cameras, recovered, and reconstructed stories including this one: my grandmother was the archivist of our family.

In life, she saved everything (to the dismay of those who didn’t see the value of her efforts), so I am giving her the title she deserved even if it's nearly two decades overdue. 


I intend to carry her legacy forward for families like mine.  

We need to archive our memories today. 
We need to archive our memories. 
We need our memories. 
We are our memories. 

There's nothing like being wrapped in a warm memory. And sadly, this is a privilege enjoyed by few. 
We hold our sweetest memories in our heads and hearts without materials to accompany us as we walk down memory lane. I had the luxury of walking through our piece of the family archive—no matter how incomplete—but I am not the majority. 

At the end of the day, remembering should not be for certain kinds of people.

We are committed to assisting you in the process of reclaiming, preserving and protecting your family histories, stories, and memories one artifact at a time. 

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